May 09, 2008

49% prefer blue

So the Labour party now has its lowest poll ratings since scientific polling began, which means that Gordon Brown is absolutely rock solid in his position as PM. Why would anybody challenge him? Two years to try and sort out 10 years of miss management, and then get destroyed at the election and have to resign is not a prospect that is going to get them lining up. Gordon will lead labour to defeat and then the leadership challenges will start. Given that the only people left will be deep in the Labour heartlands it will be one of them, and probably one from the unelectable left that will be given command to march his miserable band off into the wilderness for a very long time.

Surprisingly this is not a prospect that fills me with joy. I certainly want Labour out. The sooner that this government has been filed away in the history books as a bad experiment the better, but without a credible opposition it will give the conservatives a monopoly position in political space and like all monopolies it will end up being abused. I expect that the Conservatives will be a bit less statist that Labour, but they are not Libertarians, the best being simply right wing libertines, and despite the drum beat of there being other ways to solve problems than just leaving it to the state in his speeches David Cameron does have a tendency to occasional bouts of the most appalling statism. Without the real statists in the Labour Party to compete with, and therefore keep him honest, these tendencies combined with the simple the easy laziness of statist thought could lead him down the seductive path that leads to the Dark Side.


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